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If you or a loved one has been charged with possessing drugs, you might feel like your world has been turned upside down. The dread of the potential punishments of enormous fines and extensive jail time, among other serious consequences, can create a significant amount of anxiety and fear in anyone’s heart. Fortunately, if you have one of our powerful criminal defense attorneys from the Law Offices of Randy Collins on your side, you can begin to rest easier. Our Orange County drug possession lawyers can clearly show you what charges have been made against you, the options we have to devise a strong defense, and possible plea bargains you can use, if necessary.

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Drug Possession Defenses in CA

For some defendants involved in a drug case, it might seem that their charges are so minor, or so clearly a case of mistaken identity, that there is no need for a legal representative to step in. However, courts and juries tend to have an automatic bias against defendants, even in cases where drugs might have been planted on your person or accidentally placed in your possession. It is crucial to have a skilled team of Orange County drug possession attorneys to help prepare a powerful defense.

Some of the most effective defenses could demonstrate that:

  • The drugs on your person or in your property did not belong to you
  • You were unaware that the drugs had been placed in your possession
  • When you or your property were being searched, the search was carried out in an illegal manner
  • The supposed evidence was actually falsified by the police

California Drug Possession Laws

Being accused of having an illegal or controlled substance on your person is a very serious affair. Many people do not know that most cases of drug possession are designated as felonies, at least within Californian borders. There are certain charges which may be classified as misdemeanors, such as possession of marijuana; possessing drug paraphernalia, such as pipes; or simply being under the influence of controlled substances. Even these accusations could have a greatly negative impact on your record.

Avoiding Harsh Penalties Through Experienced Support

As for the possession of any other type of controlled substance, whether meth, cocaine, heroin, or certain prescription drugs, if you are found with these on your person or property, you will be convicted for a felony. In California, drug felonies are especially serious, often mandating prison time. If you have one of our knowledgeable lawyers from the Law Offices of Randy Collins on your side, however, you could receive an alternative consequence which is much safer and less harmful to your overall well-being. Attending a drug court or drug treatment program, where you will receive counselling or treatment, are far preferred to time spent in prison.

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