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Garden Grove locals know that although their city is located within Orange County, they do not have the same beach-side relaxed atmosphere like the majority of the OC. Garden Grove is mostly made up of middle-class families that are struggling to get by. Drugs and drug dealers can be found on many street corners and violent crimes are no longer few and far between. Garden Grove is still a nice place to live, but those who live in it may find it more difficult to get by now than they had in years passed. Police officials are not letting any offense slide, and those who are convicted can have trouble getting back on their feet once their sentence is served.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our California criminal attorneys have spent decades representing Garden Grove defendants with a high level of success. Not only are they skilled and experienced, but they are also compassionate. They understand that many of those facing charges are not bad people, but instead made bad choices during desperate times. Don’t let a conviction hold you back from reaching your goals and accomplishing your dreams, call us today to receive a free case evaluation and find out what you can do to help avoid a conviction.


Garden Grove Criminal Offenses


Regardless of the criminal offense you have been charged with, you can count on a MacGregor & Collins, LLP legal professional to be able to assist you. Ronald MacGregor, founding partner, has obtained not guilty verdicts and case dismissals for defendants facing a wide variety of different charges. Attorney MacGregor will perform and in-depth evaluation of your case and examine all of the details that could be used for and against you. His attention to detail and passion for providing top notch legal representation can be invaluable tools used to defend your freedom.


The following are Garden Grove offenses for which our attorneys have had a great deal of success:



Drug Crimes

Domestic Violence


Hit and Run


Regardless of what criminal offense you are facing charges for, receiving assistance from one of our defense attorneys could have a substantial impact on your case outcome. Garden Grove police officials may have violated your rights during your arrest. If it is determined that evidence obtained during the course of your arrest was seized illegally, we may be able to have the charges against you dropped and your criminal case dismissed.


Garden Grove Legal Defense


If you or your loved one are serious about avoiding a conviction, or lessening the potential penalties that you could face, obtaining a free consultation from one of our legal professionals is highly recommended. Whether you are ready to hire legal counsel or not, obtaining the right information at the beginning of your case can help you to avoid costly mistakes. Call 949-250-6097 to reach one of our attorneys and get help now.

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