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Following a criminal arrest or accusation, it’s easy to feel depressed and hopeless. Few people are prepared to hire a criminal defense attorney when they really need it. Times are tough and emergency funds are rarely designed to keep people out of jail. Unfortunately, one of the best ways to protect yourself when your freedom is on the line is to consult with a skilled legal professional, regardless of whether or not you are ready or prepared to financially take on the challenge of pursuing a not guilty verdict for you offense.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our attorneys provide more than legal defense; they provide to notch legal services to help their clients move past their incident with as little grief as possible. California law can be very complex and requires an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of criminal case law to truly evaluate a person’s circumstance and determine¬† their available options. Call us today and you will receive a free case evaluation to help you and yours get back on the right track.


Indio Criminal Offenses


Although Indio is not a horrible place to live, those who live in Indio know that there are some drawbacks to living in the area. For the most part, the crime rate in Indio is higher than the national average for rape, assault, and robbery. Property crimes are regularly committed and there are instances where property owners get in the way. These scenarios can quickly spiral out of control and regularly non-violent criminal offenders cross the line. In most cases this greatly affects the maximum possible penalties that can be imposed on guilty parties.


Although we have represented those facing charges for all sorts of criminal offenses, there are a few for which we have a great deal of experience. The following are case types for which we have assisted Indio defendants:



Drug Crimes


Domestic Violence



If your offense was not listed that does not mean that a MacGreogr & Collins, LLp legal professional will not be able to assist you. Call us today for representation and we will either represent you ourselves or help you find someone with considerable experience handling those in similar positions to yourself.


Indio Criminal Defense


If you are ready to hire an attorney to protect your rights, call 949-250-6097 and let one of our skilled Riverside criminal attorneys help guide you through the process and advise you of your rights and options moving forward.

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