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For most, a criminal conviction on their record is a terrifying thought. Many employers will disqualify potential employees who have a criminal record, and there are many jobs for which certain offenses will automatically disqualify you regardless of whether or not the hiring manager is willing to bring you on board. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges stemming from a Moreno Valley offense, there are several negative consequences that follow a conviction, but there is hope. With an experienced legal mind and a will to fight, you can put yourself in a position to avoid a conviction and move on with your life.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our Riverside criminal defense attorneys believe that everyone deserves top notch legal defense, regardless of the crimes for which they have been accused of committing. Too often, those facing criminal offenses mistakenly believe that since the prosecution has evidence implicating them in a crime that they have little chance of avoiding a conviction. In many cases, there are multiple opportunities to call the validity of evidence into question. Call us today to take advantage of a free consultation and find out how one of our legal professionals can help you preserve your freedom.


Moreno Valley Criminal Offenses


Moreno Valley isn’t the safest city in California, but it is not the worst either. Although robbery is abnormally high when compared to the rest of the United States, incidents of rape, murder, and assault are all below the national average occurrence rate. Our experience is that incidences of DUI, drug crimes, domestic violence, and sex crimes are occurring at a more frequent rate than other crimes based on inquiries coming from the Moreno Valley area.


The following are criminal offenses for which our firm has extensive experience:



Drug Crimes

Sex Crimes


Whether you were charged with the following offenses or not, one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys will be able to assist you. If we do not have extensive experience representing those faced with your criminal offense, we can help you find someone who does.


Ronald MacGregor, MacGregor & Collins, LLP firm partner, has been practicing California criminal law for more than thirty years. He has developed relationships with attorneys, courtroom staff, and prosecutors throughout the state and will use his connections to help provide you with the answers and representation that you are looking for.


Moreno Valley Criminal Defense


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