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How an Orange County Murder Defense Lawyer Help?

Facing charges for murdering someone is a terrifying experience, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case. Although some of those charged are guilty, there is still a large number of those who are not. Either way, you deserve top notch legal defense during your time of need, and you can count on our experienced Orange County murder defense Lawyer to provide you and yours with representation that will put in the time, effort, and resources needed to ensure each murder defendant has a real shot of obtaining a not guilty verdict.

Macgregor and Collins has the experience and the knowledge that inspires confidence from our clients. Our results are proven in Orange County, CA and throughout California as a whole. Your Orange County murder defense lawyer is your voice in the courtroom, and you will need a lawyer with skill and in-depth legal knowledge concerning your particular crimes to help ensure a favorable case outcome. Call us today to find out how a MacGregor & Collins, LLP legal professional can help you get through this.

How Does Orange County Define Murder?

In Orange County, California, there are several types of murder. The following are the types charges you could be facing as well as a brief description.

First Degree

    • A person can be convicted of first degree murder if they kill in a way that is premeditated, willful and deliberate, or by breaking the felony rule.
      • Felony Murder Rule
        • Allows prosecutors to charge felony defendants if they committed specific crimes during which someone was killed. It allows a conviction even if the defendant did not intend for the victim to die.


  • An offense that is punishable by the death penalty or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Second Degree

  • Any offense that is not defined as being first degree. Usually refers to incidences where a death results from an accident that could have been prevented by the defendant.

What are the Penalties?

In California, first degree, second degree, and capital offenses are all governed by Penal Code 187.

First-degree can result in a 25 year-to-life prison sentence. There are circumstances where defendants can face a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Capital defendants face the possibility of execution as well as life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Second degree can result in 15 years to life in prison, but there are circumstances that can increase the length of prison time.

Orange County Murder Defense Lawyer

If you are facing charges for killing someone, hiring a skilled murder defense attorney california is one of the best things that you can do to increase your chances of success. Call (888) 250-2865 today or fill out our contact form and you will receive a free professional case evaluation from one of our experienced murder defense attorney california. Ronald MacGregor, founding partner, has worked on several high-profile cases and can help you better understand the charges that have been brought against you as well as your available options.

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