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Many locals believe that Palm Springs, California is a wonderful place to live, but chances are they have never had a run-in with the police department. Although the vast majority of Palm Springs Police Department officers are top notch, there have been instances where officers overstep their bounds to help secure evidence for an arrest. Too often, those arrested mistakenly believe that the evidence obtained by the prosecution, as well as the facts surrounding their case, paint a picture in which they are guilty and the best option they have is to accept a deal. This may or may not be true, but without an experienced Riverside criminal lawyer with in-depth knowledge of local law, making life-altering decisions based on limited knowledge of local case law could be a huge mistake.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our clients know that we are there for them in more ways than one. Not only do we provide some of the best criminal defense representation in the state, our attorneys take their relationships with their clients very seriously. Many of those that we represent are struggling with substance abuse or emotional problems. We do not ignore the needs of our clients and can help them on their road to recovery while we fight for their freedom. Call us today to find out how we set the bar for Palm Springs criminal defense.


Palm Springs Criminal Offenses


Palm Springs is home to a wide variety of criminal offense. In fact, when compared with the national average, Palm Springs is host to more rapes, robberies, and assaults. Locals know that there are a lot of crimes happening on a regular basis, many of them being fueled by drugs and drug addicts. In our experience, drug crimes, domestic violence, assault, and DUI are the most common crimes in Palm Springs based on inquiries to our office that come from the area.


The following are crimes for which our Riverside attorneys have substantial experience:



Drug Crimes

Sex Crimes


Ronald MacGregor, founding partner at MacGregor & Collins, LLP, has assisted more than 10,000 DUI clients with their case. For more than thirty years, Attorney MacGregor has been providing superior legal representation for each and every one of his clients and has done so with a high degree of success. He has worked on many high-profile cases and can help you and yours determine what possible defense strategies you can take advantage of.


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