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Facing criminal charges in Temecula, California? You are not alone. Although one of the safer areas in Riverside County, Temecula residents can find themselves making questionable decisions to try and make ends meet. If convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, you could be ordered to spend time behind bars, pay thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, as well as participate in court ordered programs. In addition, those with criminal records can have a lot of difficult securing employment since many employers are not open to hiring people who have a criminal history. Without proper legal guidance, you could find yourself making huge mistakes that drastically affect your case outcome and lead to negative results.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, we understand that many of those facing charges are not guilty, and there are many others who made a bad choice that they only made because of very dire circumstances. We do not judge, we simply defend. Our clients know that we are on their side, regardless of the charges that they are facing, and that we will stop at nothing to obtain a favorable case outcome on their behalf. Call us today to find out what our Riverside criminal defense lawyers can do for you.


Temecula Criminal Offenses


As previously stated, Temecula is not a hotbed for criminal activity. In fact, the crime rate in Temecula for rape, assault, murder, and robbery are all below the national and state average. Under most circumstances, this would be a good thing, but if you are in a courtroom facing charged for the only murder case of the year, you may fall victim to harsh sentencing. Randy Collins, firm partner at MacGregor & Collins, LLP, previously worked as the District Attorney for the County of Riverside. He prosecuted countless cases and gained an understanding of the prosecution’s goals, wants, and needs. He used this information to help defend everyone of his clients, which has led to a history of satisfied defendants with positive case outcomes.


The following are case types for which our attorneys have assisted Temecula locals:



Drug Crimes

Domestic Violence


Even if your case type was not previously mentioned, our attorneys may be able to help you. We know law firms throughout the area and will help you find an attorney with extensive experience handling the types of charges for which you have been accused.


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