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Taking Ambien and then driving, even if you were unaware of your impairment, is a crime in the State of California. Those arrested can be charged with a DUI, even if it has been several hours since any Ambien was consumed. Luckily, just because you were arrested and charged does not mean that you will be convicted. Prosecutors still have to prove that you were impaired at the time you were pulled over, which can be very difficult if you have an experienced drunk driving defense attorney on your side.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our attorneys have unparallelled experience assisting those facing DUI-related charges. Randy Collins, firm partner, served as the District Attorney for the County of Riverside for years and has in-depth knowledge that he can bring to your defense. Contact us today for a free case evaluation to help you better assess your options. There is no obligation to retain our services and the consultation can last up to one hour.


Prescription Drug DUI Laws


According to California Vehicle Code 23152, it is a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Ambien is one of the many prescribed medications that are covered under DUID laws. There are several other drugs that can result in a DUI, including heroin, crystal meth, PCP, and any other drugs that should not be used while operating a motor vehicle. Even though Ambien is used legally for medical purposes like for use as a sedative or sleep drug, if a user takes this and drives – this then compromises public safety.


Ambien DUI is usually filed as a misdemeanor, and those found guilty can face:


  • A maximum of six months in jail
  • Monetary fines of a minimum of $390
  • Probation of 3-5 years
  • Driver’s license suspension for up to six months
  • California DUI school for a minimum of three months


Felony Charges are enforced on:


  • 4th time Ambien DUI offenders
  • Defendants with a prior felony DUI offense


Quick Facts On Ambien


  • The FDA acknowledges that sleep driving is not a deliberate act by offenders
  • There is however forewarning of side effects on the label and on the manual of each prescription medicine including Ambien
  • This acknowledgement by the FDA presents a strong defense case for those arrested of sleep driving in California
  • If however a user abuses this with other controlled substances, this defense is weakened
  • You can be arrested for committing a drug offense if you are caught with Ambien without a prescription.


It is possible to limit charges to reckless driving depending upon the specific circumstances of your case. If you are seriously planning to have your case dismissed or obtain a not guilty verdict, you would be best served by contacting a skilled Ambien DUI attorney.


Prescription DUI Legal Defense


If you are facing Ambien DUI charges in California, speaking with one of our attorneys may help you. Prosecutors treat drugged driving very seriously and you can expect them to pursue the maximum penalties. Don’t wait until it is too late. Take advantage of our free case evaluation and get the information you need to make informed decisions.

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