Man Arrested for Auto Theft In Anaheim Following High-Speed Pursuit

Anaheim sees nearly 2,000 auto theft arrests annually, so it comes as no surprise to local residents when a nine minute car chase broke out close to home on Friday evening.

Anaheim police pursued 24 year old Anaheim resident, Salvador Guillen, after spotting him driving an allegedly stolen car in the vicinity of Ball Road and Euclid Street at approximately 9 p.m. A chase ensued leading police further down Euclid Street and into Garden Grove. In Garden Grove Anaheim police initiated a failed attempt at stopping the stolen car and its driver.

Fleeing the scene, Guillen raced back through his original route on Euclid Street where he attempted to turn near Broadway losing control of the vehicle and crashing it into large planters near the KFC and Long John Silver’s building. A foot pursuit ended with Anaheim police taking Guillen into custody.

The KFC/ Long John Silver’s building was not harmed in this event. The two officers involved received minor injuries during the foot pursuit. They were treated at a local hospital and later released.

Salvador Guillen was arrested on felony evasion as well as suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle. If convicted he could face several years in prison.

Questionable Arrest Histories in Anaheim

Car chases and auto theft arrests are common in Anaheim and this story will most likely fall into the history of thousands just like it, never to be thought of again by the general public. But this particular story holds an interesting twist.

Salvador Guillen was not just another random arrest of a criminal by Anaheim police. Guillen has a history with the local police.

On January 11, 2012, Guillen was granted an order of protection against Jonathan Yerpes, Brian Brown, John Welter, and DOES 1-100 inclusive.

DOES 1-100 inclusive is a term used to reference the “Jane Does” and “John Does” involved in legal action suits. The term identifies individuals that are unknown or withheld for privacy reasons. DOES 1-100 is used in specific cases where up to 100 additional people are included within the case.

Jonathan Yepes, Brian Brown, and John Welter are all Anaheim police sergeants and investigators with high profile cases attached to their names.

John Welter retired on May 16, 2013, after a 42 year career in law enforcement. Welter spent the last nine years serving as Anaheim Chief of Police. These years were filled with controversial officer involved shootings that led to the riots that broke out over Anaheim. John Welter’s retirement follows a chain of retirements after the heat got turned up on the activities of the Anaheim Police Department.

Brian Brown is the current Police Sargent of Anaheim. Brown’s name appears in interesting case filed against the Anaheim Police Department. This case states that excessive force and brutally was used by officers against a mentally disabled individual causing a series of serious injuries. It is unclear if Brown is directly involved in this specific case.

Jonathon Yepes, a police officer, gang investigator, and robbery detective for Anaheim Police Department since 2006, investigator, was on scene during the 2012 incident involving Anaheim Police Officer Kelly Phillips. Yepes and Phillips were both working for the ADP Gang Unit that fateful February when Phillips shot Gerardo Pineda. Phillips was later cleared in this fatal shooting.

While this may be just another of the many cases of auto theft in the Anaheim area, Guillen’s history with the Anaheim Police Department does spark curiosity. Was this a case of harassment by the local police department? What happened to warrant such a protection order from the very people that are there to protect you? Or is this simply a case of another criminal who thinks they are above the law?

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