Assault and Battery There's No Alternative 

Los Angeles Assault and Battery Attorney

At the law Offices of Randy Collins, our assault and battery criminal lawyers in LA knows that victims of these crimes are not just physically traumatized and injured, they can be emotionally scarred as well.

Assault and Battery are commonly heard together that people usually think that it is a single crime. The fact is, assault and battery are separate crimes though both charges are also commonly filed together against a defendant. Assault is defined as an act that is purposefully done to threaten a bodily harm to another person. Battery, on the other hand, is actual act of intentionally causing a bodily harm on someone. In California, when battery has occurred it is assumed that assault has occurred before the battery, thus, the two charges are usually charged together.

At Randy Collins law offices, our lawyers know the importance of preserving evidence so we always advice that when you become a victim of an assault and battery crime, calling police and reporting the event is of utmost importance. Going to the hospital to have documentation of the injuries you have sustained in the attack must also be done. These documents are of great help when you decide that a lawsuit is in order.

When is a lawsuit appropriate?

It is a lawyer’s job to assess whether a lawsuit to claim compensation for your injuries and damages is a viable option. As assault and battery are both civil and criminal crimes, so police immediately charge people accused of the crime and they will be punished. However, whether you should pursue and file a case against the defendant to claim compensation is a different question and one that must be well thought of first before you do that.

At the law offices of Randy Collins, we work hard to bring justice for our clients. We take our job seriously and make assessments based on the facts of the cases handed to us. Before we file a claim for compensation, it must first be ascertained that the defendant of the case has the capacity to pay for the said compensation. For that to happen, the lawyers must do their research and consider all the fact and circumstances of a case. In some circumstances, an individual’s insurance might pay for the damages though in a lot of cases, insurance companies don’t pay for a willful and intentional crime such as assault and battery. In some cases, a company or an employer may be responsible for payment of your damages. Having a professional and experienced lawyer like the lawyers at the law offices of Randy Collins can make a whole difference in your case.

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