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Domestic violence is defined by the law as an abuse of one’s intimate partner in the form of physical, sexual and/or psychological. It is very common in the United States and anyone can be a victim. Though statistics show that women are more likely to be a victim, there have been instances when it is the male partner who has been abused.

Domestic violence is a serious offense that carries a serious penalty. Thus, it is imperative that a person accused of domestic violence seek the help of a legal expert on domestic violence cases to help him/her on his case. In California especially, domestic violence charges carry harsh punishments and can affect your future employment prospects. Furthermore, once you have been charged with domestic violence, only the prosecutor of the case will have the authority to drop the case. If you have been wrongfully accused, contacting an expert and well-informed domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles, CA like the law offices of Randy Collins is vital to get the case dismissed.

What Actions Constitutes Domestic Violence?

Physical Abuse – Actions like slapping, punching, kicking and other actions that uses brute force on your partner is a form of domestic abuse. One does not need to be black and blue or have severe injuries that it would need medical attention to be considered “abused.”

Emotional Abuse – It is any verbal or non-verbal attacks that can humiliate, insult or make your partner feel diminished self-esteem.

Sexual Abuse – This does not only mean marital rape or sexual assault, sexual abuse in domestic violence can be interpreted in many ways. It is also called reproductive coercion.

Financial or Economic Abuse – The least obvious form of abuse wherein a partner is prevented from having a solid financial footing by not allowing him/her access to family finances, preventing him/her from getting a job and other similar acts.

Psychological Abuse – Acts that can invoke fear and/or helplessness on your partner can be categorized under psychological abuse.

Defending Domestic Violence in Los Angeles, CA

Defense of domestic violence can vary from case to case and since there are many categories that can be basis for a domestic violence charge, the main task is to debunk all these allegations by presenting evidences of your own especially providing witnesses that can prove your good character. With hefty fines, possible imprisonment, probation, mandatory counseling and community service looming over as possible consequences once proven guilty of domestic violence, it cannot be stressed more how a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer that is experienced in handling domestic cases can help you.

If you have been charged with a domestic violence case, call the law offices of Randy Collins to get a consultation.

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