Health and Safety Code 11018

Are you facing criminal charges for Marijuana violations in California? California Health and Safety Code 11018 defines what marijuana is under California Law. A conviction for Marijuana possession can have a negative influence on your future employment opportunities. Those facing charges are encouraged to contact a Marijuana lawyer for a free case evaluation.


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HS 11018 Defined


As per the HS Code 11018, marijuana can be any part of the plant itself, including the seeds. Marijuana, as defined by California laws, also includes:


  • Resins that are derived from any part of the Cannabis plant
  • Any mixtures, salts, cakes, or resins that were derived from the Cannabis plant


What’s exempted from this definition?


  • The mature stalk of the cannabis sativa, which is unable to produce resin or oils
  • Sterilized seeds that are unable to germinate


These penal code definitions are important, given that if someone is found in possession of marijuana, the code can be referenced to determine if the case can be prosecuted in court. The same applies for:


  • Possession to cultivate
  • Possession with the intent to sell
  • Possession to distribute
  • And other closely related marijuana laws


Penalties for Violating California HS 11018


The penalties for each of these offenses vary, according to each law. Depending upon each person’s circumstance, there are several defense strategies that can be used to help obtain a case dismissal or not guilty verdict. Without the aid of a skilled legal professional there is very little chance of properly evaluating your options to make informed decisions that are in your best interest.


If you are facing Marijuana charges relating to HS 11018 and are in need of skilled legal experience, contact our firm today. Our Orange County criminal lawyers have decades of experience assisting those faced with Marijuana charges and will help guide you through this difficult time.

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