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Costa Mesa Domestic Violence Attorney

Costa Mesa Domestic Violence involves using force, violence, or threat against someone who is related to the abuser, or is living with him or her. Domestic abuse cases also entail mistreatment of former spouses or partners.

The consequences for Domestic Violence in Costa Mesa include a minimum of one month in jail for first-time offenders, as well as completion of a batterer’s class. Nevertheless, penalties can vary, depending on the type of abuse, the extent of the victim’s injuries, the offender’s criminal history and much more.

Here’s a layout of the most common types of domestic violence:

California Penal Code 273.5 or Corporal Injury in Costa Mesa, which is defined as enforcing extreme violence on a domestic partner that results in bodily injury.

California Penal Code 243 e1 or Domestic Battery, which is defined as attempting to injure a domestic partner. Even if there were no physical injuries present, the offender can be charged with this crime.

California Penal Code 273D or Child Abuse is closely related to Corporal Injury. The distinction is that a child was injured, and as a result penalties will most likely increase.

California Penal Code 368 or Elder Abuse is defined as imposing physical, emotional, or verbal abuse against a senior over the age of 65. This crime also entails financial abuse.

The following could be considered as an example of a domestic violence dispute in Costa Mesa:

Santiago and Sofia have been married for six months and things have already started to take a turn for the worse. Santiago has lost his job and has had no luck trying to find a new one. Sofia has been able to get two jobs and is fully supporting Santiago. Frustrated with their problems, Santiago and Sofia get into a heated argument. Sofia throws a book at Santiago’s head, but misses. Santiago then throws the book back, but it his Sofia right in the face and breaks her nose. The police come and arrest Santiago, who spends the night in jail. Later, the police charge Santiago with violating PC 273.5 and Sofia with violating PC 243 (e)(1).

In addition to penalties standardized for each penal code, abusers who are not U.S. Citizens are subject to deportation when proven guilty of domestic violence. The crime also subjects all offenders to the Three Strikes Law of California.

If you’re facing Domestic Violence in Costa Mesa, the Costa Mesa criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Randy Collins may be able to assist you. With over fifty years of combined experience assisting locals with their criminal offenses, you can count on top notch representation from legal professionals.

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