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Costa Mesa Hit and Run Lawyers

Costa Mesa Hit and Run can be prosecuted under California Vehicle Codes 20001 and 20002. When someone leaves an accident scene without providing identifying documents, or the necessary help required of injured parties, it is considered to be a hit and run crime. There are two type of hit and run:

California Vehicle Code 20002 is when a hit and run takes place and a car or property was injured. The prosecution will have to prove that the person who fled was aware of this incident, and that he or she did not stop to help or provide an ID. The legal consequences for this crime include up to one year in the county jail with up to one thousand dollars in fines. In addition, the offender would need to compensate the victim for any damages caused to their property. Other penalties include a deduction of two points from the offender’s driver’s license.

California Vehicle Code 20001 is handled separately and occurs when someone is injured. Depending on the severity of bodily injuries, offenders may be penalized by up to sixteen months, two or three years in the state prison; up to ten thousand in fines, compensation for costs incurred by victims, and the standard two-point deduction of the offender’s driver’s license.

The following could be considered an example of a Costa Mesa hit and run offense:

Emmanuel works for a Costa Mesa business as a courier, but last month his license was suspended after having multiple traffic violations. Emmanuel drives to make his money, so he ignores the fact that his license has been suspended so that he can continue to pay his bills. One day, Emmanuel exits the freeway and stops at a red light, but the person behind him does not. The person behind Emmanuel slams into the back of Emmanuel’s vehicle pushing him into a person that is crossing the street. Emmanuel panics and drives away, but witnesses at the scene were able to write down Emmanuel’s license plate. Emmanuel is later arrested at his home for an alleged VC 20001 violation.

What Additional Penalties Exist for Costa Mesa Hit and Run?

In the event that someone was killed, there will be an additional sentence of two, three or four years in prison.

It’s also important to note that no matter who caused the accident, any driver who flees the scene may be prosecuted for hit and run charges. A Costa Mesa hit and run attorney however, may be able to reduce these charges.

As a state mandate, all drivers at an accident scene will need to contact law enforcement, submit their identifying documents such as the vehicle registration and driver’s license. In addition, if someone is injured, the able party must do all that is reasonable to contact emergency personnel for medical assistance.

If you’re facing Hit and Run charges, our Costa Mesa attorneys may be able to help you. Whether you are innocent, guilty, or somewhere in between, you can count on our legal professionals to provide you with top-level attorney services to protect your rights.

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