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Facing Child Abuse Charges in Orange County, CA?

Child abuse is any form of cruelty inflicted upon a minor, including physical harm, mental abuse, neglect, sexual assault, and exploitation. But in specific instances relating to child abuse, common crimes reported include assault and battery. Some of the long-term effects of child abuse include relationship difficulties, loss of trust, trauma and emotional outbursts, low academic grades, anxiety, fear, and anger. While crimes relating to child abuse are widespread, it’s unfortunate that many go unreported.

Elements – Child Abuse Charge in CA

Child abuse entails an extensive list of crimes on a child and touches on physical, emotional, and sexual mistreatment among many others. According to California state laws, child abuse:

  • Affects any kid below 18 years.
  • Is advanced by a parent or caregiver in charge of the child’s welfare.
  • Imminently affects and harms a child’s wellness.

Most abuse cases are inflicted in non-accidental scenarios – intentional acts, actions deemed careless, acts of negligence, and threats and intentional “harms.” However, besides the state child abuse laws, there are child protective services (CPS) agencies that strive to investigate and help arrest those who abuse kids. The agencies are also there to counsel abused or neglected children and find them safer and better homes through foster care and adoption.

When the accused are arrested, however, some of their average defenses include accident, a parent’s right to discipline, and wrongful accusations.

Mandatory Reporting Laws

Each state has mandatory reporting laws meant to allow people to report any suspected or apparent cases of child abuse to a central authority. The reports are typically done anonymously (via toll-free hotline), so every issue is handled and resolved. And, failing to report might result in jail time, fines, or both.

For reporting cases, some states allow anyone to submit to the authorities, whereas other selected states have a few professionals mandated to do the mandatory reporting. They may include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • School officials
  • Day care workers
  • Law enforcement personnel

Warning Signs – Child Abuse

  1. Physical abuse – unexplained bruises, burns, bites, and broken bones.
  2. Emotional abuse – delayed emotional development, attempted suicide, and other extreme behaviors.
  3. Sexual abuse – physical difficulties in walking and sitting down, nightmares, loss of appetite, shyness, and refusal to change in front of others (peers).
  4. Neglect – lack of medical care or dental care, absence from school without explanation, stay alone at home, poor hygiene.

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