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Student Codes of Conduct – Serious Violations and Violence

Students and violence are no surprising matches. However, when they commit more serious violations, the student code of conduct is just enough to settle the issues. Essentially, stronger punishment is great – only it isn’t ideal to solve it and let it die.

Because of the growing sensitivity to violence in school, intervention programs are slowly becoming the best form of correction. The simplest ones entail conferences that bring together the student and his or her parents and the school administration. It can also be rehabilitative with the student required to do community work or repair work within the school.

Some of the serious violations include:

  • Cheating and plagiarism
  • Using obscenities and profane languages
  • Having pornographic materials
  • Theft
  • Gambling
  • Fights and threats

Violence and Other Extreme Behaviors

School violence cases are no longer a reserve of those poor inner-city schools. It turns out the public perception has been changed by the most recent happenings, including the infamous shooting in Columbine, Colorado. What’s even more chilling is the students responsible are the seemingly quiet and unassuming ones.

However, to combat violence and extreme behaviors in school, the student code of conduct sends the best message. Such rules also tackle cases of incessant teasing and bullying.

Sexual Assault

In the recent past, the mainstream has seen the real face of what’s happening in school, including high-profile cases of sexual assault – attempted rape, groping and other unpleasant sexual behaviors. The vice is rife amongst high school boys who take advantage of drugged and intoxicated girls to abuse them sexually. Such activities are illegal and uncalled for.

Others engage in sexual activities even before reaching the stipulated ages. Many studies show that kids don’t really understand what legal consent means, and go ahead without knowing the consequences. The sexually active minors find it hard to resist due to little education and assurances and the fact that alcohol impairs their judgments.

Many school districts list violent sexual crimes as part of the dangerous offenses in the student code of conduct. As such, they punish the perpetrators by suspension, expulsion or complete transfer to another school.

Identifying Troubled Students

The student code of conduct isn’t helpful in all cases in school. One notable example is dealing with troubled students who can’t stop fighting with their fellow students and other teachers. However, when the codes help identify troubled students early, the situation can be rectified quickly. This includes dealing with problematic students, bullies and those who are always wild to others.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any of the above it is advised that you seek council from Newport Beach criminal defense attorneys.

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