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Facing Allegations of Cyber Crime in CA?

With the rising popularity of the internet, not everything is as blissful as it might look. A growing vice revolves around one internet user making another feel threatened and uncomfortable. It is what’s collectively called cyber crimes.

Cyber crimes refer to offenses conducted via the web or advanced by the different forms of computer technology, including social media. It entails bullying others, hurling abuses, and sending sexually explicit digital photos intending to dupe the unsuspecting internet users into sending money. The practice is in its infancy, but is an evolved form of sexting, theft, coercion, child pornography, and the many other vices. When faced with such a charges it is advised that you seek council from an experienced Newport Beach internet crimes lawyer.

Computer Crimes

Given that cybercrimes are relatively new on the scene, computer crimes cover a huge percentage of these unpleasant behaviors. They range from the pre-existing ones, such as frauds, taking the online scene, and larceny, to those deeply rooted in using technology, including hacking.

  • Some of the most popular forms of computer crimes include:
  • Social Network, Cybercrime, and Internet Sex Crimes
  • Cyberbullying
  • Child Pornography and Preying on Minors
  • Tech-related vices meant to steal useful data and funds from internet users.

Sexting is sending sexually explicit images and wording via text messages or the web using smartphones and computers. It is one of the most disturbing, yet standard, practices brought about by the internet. As far as the topic is concerned, very few criminal laws address this issue head on, especially when it doesn’t involve child pornography. However, there have been repeated calls that rules and legislation concerning child pornography should be extended to sexting.


Despite the absence of audible insults, the trauma caused by harassment over the web can be traumatizing, and in some, cases cause death. It isn’t a wholly new phenomenon, as it is just advancement from the physical grounds to the use of the internet. And, yes, cyberbullying is a crime, and it’s widely expected that newer rules will come in place and tame it soon.

Identity Theft

Sure, the internet has been a great source of convenience and eased the ways of leading life. But then again, it is exposing its ardent users to risks associated with identity theft. From money and time to peace and serenity, many are losing a lot via the web, thanks, in part, to identity theft.

Identity theft is thriving because most users are loose on the web and can readily submit vital information on the web without even thinking twice. The same thieves are accessing personal data from unsecured locations and trash cans before using them to access online bank accounts, personal emails, and medical records.

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