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What is Really at Risk if You Get a DUI?

The consequences of a DUI in California are plentiful and it has become easier to qualify as over the legal limit in recent years. You are more than likely going to lose your license unless a DUI lawyer advocates for you to keep it within 10 days of your arrest.

California is a member of the interstate driver’s license compact which allows reciprocal sharing between states. If you’re license has been revoked as a result of a DUI in any state within the U.S., you can expect other states to know.

The blood alcohol levels that qualify a driver as operating a vehicle under the influence are: .08% for an adult, .04% for a commercial driver and .01% as an underage driver. If you refuse a test this is an additional charge.

First Offense

For a first offense DUI you are looking at some pretty harsh punishments including fines from $390-$1000, 96 hours to 6 months in the county jail, 6 month driver’s license suspension, ignition interlock up to 3 years and attendance for three months at an alcohol education program.

There is a possibility to obtain a restricted driver’s license once all other consequences are satisfied if the person is on probation and the fines are paid, the reinstatement fees are paid, the driver is attending the program and proof of insurance.

Second Offense

A second offense includes the same consequences as a first offense and carries a two year driver’s license suspension and possible jail time up to one year.

Third Offense

For a third offense includes the same consequences as a first offense and you will lose your license for three years and if the three charges have taken place in a ten year period, the diver’s license can be revoked for ten years. You will also be sentenced for 30 days to 1 year in jail.

Four or More

For four or more DUI offenses, the same consequences as a first offense, loss of license for four years and you will be considered a habitual offender as well as a possible jail sentence from 6 months to 1 year in jail or three year penitentiary sentence.

As you can see, there are very strict laws in place for a person to want to avoid these possibilities. You will also experience additional issues as your car insurance rates will increase, you may have to be on probation for a period of time which may also cause you to have to report the arrest to your employer. Your arrest may be published in the newspaper causing strife and embarrassment on your personal and professional life.

You may be required to attend rehabilitation with regards to your employer as well as what the courts have stated and you may be subjected to urine analysis and drug tests as a part of probation.

There are also the personal life issues that are exacerbated with your family possibly causing distrust in your behavior or ability to make sound judgments. There are also many times that as part of the alcohol awareness classes, you may have to attend 12-step meetings on a regular basis. This can be difficult on your personal time and a stress to your schedule.

Southern CA DUI Representation

As you can see, a DUI can completely disrupt your entire life causing financial and social problems of many kinds. The laws are probably going to increase in seriousness as more legislation is passed to combat drunk driving statistics.

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