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Costa Mesa drug offenders face steep penalties. The consequences are based on the type of offense which a lawyer can explain. These are briefly detailed below:


Costa Mesa Possession of Drugs under California Health and Safety Code 11350 is the intentional and conscious possession of drugs. The prosecution will need to prove that the offender was aware of the drugs in their possession, and that he or she had active or constructive control of the substance. If found guilty of this drug crime, offenders face up to one year in jail, with a probation; or up to three years in prison.


Costa Mesa Possession of Drugs for Sale under California Health and Safety Code 11351 is deliberately holding drugs for the main purpose of selling or transporting it. The presence of large quantities in addition to certain drug paraphernalia gives arresting officers reason to believe that drugs are held specifically for sale. The penalties for this drug crime include either one year’s stay in jail with a probation; or up to four years in prison with up to twenty thousand in fines.


Costa Mesa Sale and Transportation of Controlled Substances under California Health and Safety Code 11352 is moving or selling drugs from one place to another. The penalties for this crime include up to five years in prison with up to twenty thousand in fines. If the prosecution uncovers that the drugs were transported in more than two state counties, charges are increased.


Examples of controlled substances include cocaine, methamphetamine, cocaine, peyote, opiates, codeine and several others.


The following could be considered an example of a Costa Mesa drug crime offense:


Diego has been struggling with drug abuse for some time. He has tried to kick the habit, but times have been tough and he feels it is his only way of coping. One day, Diego is at a motel with a few of his friends when the police knock on the door. Diego tells them that he is not allowing them in, but they can see drugs from the doorway, so they go in anyways. Noone claims the drugs, but since the motel room was paid for under Diego’s name, he is arrested for possession of a controlled substance and later charged.


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