Orange County DUI Expungement

Have you been convicted for a misdemeanor DUI offense? You may have found out the hard way that a DUI conviction can negatively affect your life in several ways. At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our DUI lawyers have worked with drunk driving defendants for decades. They will be able to help you evaluate your options and make informed decisions to help you secure your future. Call us today to take advantage of a free expungement evaluation and find out if you qualify.


Do I Qualify for an Expungement?


Before any expungement should be pursued, those looking to clear their criminal record should find out if they qualify. There are a number of circumstances which, if committed, can disqualify those who have been convicted for driving under the influence from obtaining an expungement.


The following are two qualifying factors which can greatly affect whether or not you will be able to expunge your DUI offense :


  • Whether or not your probationary period has passed
  • Whether you successfully complied with your probationary terms


Benefits of DUI Expungement:


There are several disadvantages to having a DUI conviction on your record, but the one that is usually the most problematic is when a DUI conviction appears during a person’s background check. This is primarily conducted when someone is in the process of obtaining a new job. When a DUI record has been expunged, the chances of prospective employers disqualifying you for their employment position as a result of your criminal background decreases substantially.


Those who obtain a lawyer to help them expunge their record can expect:


  • In-depth research of your previous conviction
  • filing of all necessary motions and documents with the court
  • representation in court if necessary


What Can Make Me Ineligible?


Requests for expungement can turn out to be invalid if:


  • you caused injury or death while driving under the influence
  • you committed a DUI offense with extenuating circumstances


If you need assistance with a DUI expungement, we can help. MacGregor & Collins are ready to provide you the Orange County DUI Expungement services you need. We will help you understand the documents and stipulations required to get you the best possible outcome for your case. Call MacGregor & Collins today at (888) 250-2865.

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